Saturday, February 10, 2018

Narrabri day two

Day two was a long one 
We hit the road at around 7.30. Stopped for fuel and something to eat at Dubbo 
And continued onto Narrabri 
We pulled into the caravan park around five in the afternoon 
After setting up. We hit the pool. It’s been so hot today. 
We hit a hi of 42 degrees Celsius. The heat coming in from the car windows was intense 
You couldn’t touch them! 
The poor air con in the car was trying really hard to keep us cool. But the radiant heat coming off the windows was still
Temp up. 
So jumping into the pool was bliss 
I totally forget to get pics. So these are ones I took from their web site 
Tomorrow we head into caloundra. 
And I’ll be swimming at the beach! 
I hope to come home with a lovely tan. But not get burnt! 
So far the trip has been nice and easy. Hubby and I are listening to an audio book in the car 
It’s what we do when traveling around Australia as you don’t always get radio reception. And music gets a little monotonous 
Hope the weather is nice where you are 
Next stop Queensland 
See ya xxx

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