Sunday, February 11, 2018

Caloundra day three

We have made it to caloundra. The weather was again hot when we got here. But soon after the dark clouds came over. 
We thought that after a few drops of rain it would blow over. 
Wow we were wrong. 
Didn’t really get much rain. But strong winds and a light show you couldn’t BELIVE 

This is one jody sent me. I’ve taken video. And can’t get a shot of the lightening. 
But it was bright and spectacular 
We were nearly blown away. Literally 
It’s all settleded down now 
Now I’m in bed. Safe and sound lol 
Tomorrow we are all going to Australia zoo. 
Our travel buddies have never been 
Today was wonderful as I meet up with my friend who recently moved away from Victoria and now lives here in the sunny state 
She came to visit us here in the caravan park. 
It was great to see her. 
We all miss her at Knitting group. And also at the pool each morning 
But she looks great. 
So now I’m a very happy but tired girl 
So nighty night all 
Hope to have more wonderful things to tell you tomorrow 
See ya xxx

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