Friday, May 11, 2018

New car!

This is bonnie 
Bonny gave me many years of faithful service. 
But bonnie was getting on and so hubby decided we needed a new car 
So bonnie was traded in. Where she will be cleaned up and a few booboos fixed and she will go on to be 
A wonderful car for someone else 
I’ll miss you bonnie 

So meet keely 
I don’t know why keely. Keely just came into my head when I saw her. 
We ordered her ages ago. And it’s been very hard keeping the secret from you all. 
Isn’t she beautiful. She is so smart. She has so much technology in her it was a full two hours 
Of hand over 
And we haven’t finished yet! 

There’s an app I downloaded so I can control things from inside my house! 
I have to go back and finish setting that up. As keely, had to be finished being set up on their data base first 
I seriously think you need a degree of some kind soon just to drive the new breed of cars 
Incase your wondering 
Keely is an M140 spots. 
Whatever that means 
I just know she’s a BMW and she’s blue lol 

So two new babies in the one day 
Funny how things work out. Isn’t it lol 
Anyway. Another big day today 
I have a bit of running around, some shopping for me and for my girls
Going to pick up the practice epipen and train my three amigos for when we go into the outback 
And the big news is 
Finally things are moving again 
Oh joy! 
Furniture shopping next lol 
Have a great day y’all 
See yanxxxx


  1. It is a beautiful car.And I do remember when you got the other one. Have fun learning all the new things.

  2. That'll keep your brain working which will keep you young!! Looks mighty but can't imagine having to download an app for a car.
    You sound like me by the way. I know our car is green and a ford and that's as far as it goes!