Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Busy, crafting

another call the midwife blanket done. This one has a different boarder 

I’ve started this blanket for melody. It’s a pink sparkly yarn and the pattern is a square from a CAL 
Called stardust melodies. It’s one of many but I’m just going to keep going and make one big square 
I hope she likes it 

Our travel buddies are leaving Friday to head up north. We leave two Fridays after that 
So in the next day or so I’ll get hubby to park the van out the front and I’ll start to organise it 
I’ll go through all the packet food to see the use by dates, and work out what I need 
And slowly get it packed and ready to go 
Today I put in a suspension at the pool to begin when we go and last until a few days after we get back 
So suddenly this holiday is very very real and coming fast 
I look forward to escaping the winter and heading north to the warmer weather.
Not like me at all really, is it lol 
But looks like I’m getting older and really feeling it 
Hope your life blissfully busy 
See ya xxx