Sunday, May 6, 2018

Preparing. The blog post I was planning to write today

This is what I had planned to post about today 
Th ripping up of the old carpet. 

Chris came over to help as I was not able to do a thing. In fact I slept through most of the commotion 

Jody did the sweeping up of all the mess associated with cutting carpet up 

And here is the concrete floor all ready for the new carpet 
Hopefully some time this week 

And this is the old. It’s going over to the shed to be used by the boys to lay on while they arya working under trucks 
And machines 
It’s been a very durable carpet giving us 24 years of faithful service and mostly looking about as good as the 
Day it was laid. 
It’s left big shoes to fill 
I hope the new stuff is half as good as this was. 

Me. Well like I said. I have spent most of the day sleeping
I came home. Showered the hospital smell off me, ate a huge plate of left over bbq and coleslaw and bombed. 
Woke up. Had some meatballs in tomato sauce and a piece of sourdough 
And tonight jody has made her own lasagna from scratch including the pasta. 
So I’ll go over eat dinner, and come back home to bed. 
I’m so very tired. Poor hubby he’s been on the go since one this morning 
So he will sleep well tonight! 
See ya xxx


  1. Perfect recipe for recouperating. Little elves to do all the hard work, lots of good food and sleep.
    Hope hubby has a good sleep too

  2. Glad to hear that you are feeling better, if a little worn out.

    New carpet sounds great - it was nice of you to thank the old one for its good service. 24 years is a good innings.

  3. Good you are feeling better. Hmm, I liked the old carpet, I hope the new is as nice, too!