Monday, May 21, 2018

I guess it serves me right

I’ve been doing too much, and I’ve been going for too long 
I forget, when I’m feeling good, that I’m not your normal healthy person 
I forget, in the midst of my day to day life, that if I over do I will pay dearly
I forget, in my arrogance, that I do not own my body. But that the monster inside me does 
So today I’m paying for it 
All these symptoms and a few more 
So I’ve looked in the mirror and told myself. 
How stupid were you  
I will rest today 
I will nurture myself 
And I will try to be kind 
I hope I will at lest be over the pain by tomorrow, the fatigue I can push past. 
But the pain, it’s soul destroying 
Well it is today 


  1. Take care of your self. Health is always import

  2. No, don't tell yourself you're stupid... you're just human and you forgot to slow down which is easily done. Have a good rest xx

  3. Thanks guys. I’ve been resting today and I feel much better.

  4. I know the feeling. I hope you were able to rest up and catch your breath a little. I think when a person has a chronic condition, on the good days, it is simply hard to hold back!