Tuesday, May 15, 2018


This is Agatha. Agatha loves to lay around, especially in front of the fire 
She also loves to give me hair makeovers while I sleep! 
But Agatha had decided she doesn’t like to be brushed 
She slowly slowly has just become too hard to brush and groom 

So this is Agatha now 
Been to the vet, had her fur shaved off and her nails clipped. 
Remember the hair styling while I sleep. Well her nails really don’t feel nice on my head! 

So right now Agatha doesn’t like me very much. Which is fine 
I mean I have starved her since six last night, too her far away from the fire and made her go through 
The indignity of being totally shaved 
And to top it off I won’t let her go outside or eat anything until five!
I can give her a little water, but right now she won’t come near me 
Oh well. She doesn’t look like she’s starving to me lol 
All actions have consequences. Now maybe we can get back to letting mummy brush her 
See ya xx


  1. Dear old Agatha, she's really sulking! Would never have thought of shaving a cat but it was perfect for her! My kids shave their dogs in the summer. They look like skinny drowned rats for a couple of months!

    1. Used to get my Himalayan shaved once a year. So much fur he would constantly have fur balls. Yuck