Sunday, June 17, 2018

Mount Isa

Today is day four. And as usual I’m over being in the car. I’m over the driving 
And I just want my home to be I the same place it was yesterday 
I’m homesick for my family and my pets and even though the weather is much nicer and pain levels are lower because of it 
The pain caused by sitting in a car all day means I’m not feeling the benefits just yet 
Add to that. I’ve got fibro fog and the laundry in this caravan park had not instructions on what kinds of coins,and how many I needed for them to work 
So I did all my laundry by hand 
It’s drying now outside but it just added to my pain and anxiety 
But you know something will always pop up to make you smile 
And my beautiful daughter sent me a Video of my precious granddaughter pushing a trolly and helping her to do the grocery shopping 
It made me smile and made me cry 
I’ll be ok in a day or two. I always go through this 
Hubby has escaped my wrath and gone to do a shop to replenish our supplies before we head into the wilderness 
Tomorrow night will be spent at Barkleys homestead. The last of civilisation before we turn off into the the great Aussie wilderness 
So for now I’m. Enjoying a quiet drink. Trying to calm my anxiety and remembering that my family and friends will all be there when I get home 
That this isn’t a punishment but a holiday to be enjoyed 
If I can post at Barkleys I will if not see you in a few weeks! 
Stay safe y’all 
See ya xxx


  1. Hope you feel better soon

  2. So much driving , no wonder you all foggy! Must be stiff as well. Hope you do continue having WiFi so we can follow your adventure.

  3. Thank for your very good article! i always enjoy & read the post you are sharing!


  4. I too have misgivings about travel, so I stopped doing it. My wife goes away frequently, but I stay home with the cats. Besides, if I went too, there would be no one to take care of them. I look forward to your further adventures.