Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The prepping continues

The van has been set up near the house and I’ve gone through and organised the food that’s in it 
All out of date products are gone 
I had to throw out a few pieces of clothing that I kept in there as they are now way to big for me 
That felt good! 
And the start of the stockpiling. 
Water for drinking and cooking more non perishables in the Aldi bag 
UTH long life milk
All ready to be put away under the bed. 
Once that’s done I’ll organise extra drinks like sugar free coke and maybe a bottle of something with kick to it to mix lol 
Then we will order the meat from the butchers and get it cryovaced 
That way it doesn’t have to get frozen and lasts weeks in the fridge 
Last thing will be fresh food. The day before and then that will be replenished at the last place possible before going off road 
I’ve already started packing   I’ve got my bag in my room and as I remember something it goes in 
I need to pack for freezing cold and very warm weather. 
So that’s it. 
Everything else is pretty much done 
Just make sure I have plenty of animal feed for my pets and mathew will be looking after them while we are away 
Only ten more days to go! 
See ya xxx


  1. Just think- it wasn't very long ago you were just planning your trip. Now departure is almost on you.
    I know it sounds impossible but dont do too much this next week- you don't want to be flat on your back again in pain with no energy.
    Are you going to the same place as last year and how long will you be gone for?
    Green eyed at you going so soon - We've got to wait until late July!

    Oh and welcome to Goodreads - nice to have you as a friend

    1. I’m being very careful about not overdoing
      I’ve eeven missed swimming today in favour of a sleep in
      Yes we are going back to lorella springs. But coming home a different way

    2. Green with envy! What a wonderful little van. Hope you have a wonderful time away