Friday, June 15, 2018

And so, it begins!

We have left the state 
Have spent the first night just over the boarder in NSW
we decided to leave after lunch on Thursday rather than get up early to beat the traffic 
The weather is still cold, and apparently we are all getting some crazy winter weather 
Hopefully he head inland enough to miss it. 
The whole of the east coast is going to be freezing 
We aren’t that worried 
We will be spending the next few nights in caravan parks so we will be able to use the heater 
In the van 
Hopefully we will hit the warmer weather soon and I’ll be able to thaw this 
Frozen and sore body
So very soon I’ll get up and get myself ready for the next leg of the journey 
Stay warm everyone in the affected areas 
I’m so glad I was able to find those cat caves for my babies 
See ya xxx  


  1. Iam glad to hear you are headed for warmer weather. Have fun!

  2. Oh you lucky duck - now the wind has died down we can hear ourselves think this morning. It blew like crazy last night.
    I'm sure Life will become easier and more relaxing as you move north - and yes....much warmer

  3. It been windy. Our hottest month our July and August

    1. Yup. Our seasons are upside down here in the land down under. The middle of winter now
      But I’m heading into the Tropics so find that winter sun

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