Saturday, June 2, 2018

Remember when

Talking to a friend via messenger. She commented on how quick I type 
I’m on an iPad and since i was a typist I use all my fingers and I’m much quicker than someone on a phone using two fingers 

When I was back at school. My headmaster, being very progressive, decided we should all learn to type.
He told us we would all need to know how to type in the future. 

So that’s where I learnt to type. 
He was very clever. And although I hated typing class. It has come in very useful over my life. 
I’m pretty sure we learnt on something like these black ones. They were ancient even back then! 
You had to really hit those keys hard and once you got any speed up. The little arms would cross and get stuck

Here’s one that’s a little more modern lol 
My first job was in a bank. Where the typing skills came into good use. I even had to use one of those recorders where the boss dictates 
Into it and I had to listen and type what he said! 
And I have no idea why. But everytime I had to change the ribbon, I happen to be wearing white that day! 
Omg. Red and black ink all over me

We laughed when we remembered those days.  This younger generation will never know the pain of changing that blessed ribbon, 
Or having to set margins or even the pain of typing legal documents that could not have not even one correction on it. 
And no magic spell check for us to put the word in. 
did you learn to type at school? 
What are your memories like? 
See ya. xxx


  1. I loathed those typewriter ribbons!
    Waxy stencils for Roneo/Gestener machines - no photocopying in those days!
    Then when it did there were the joys of changing the 'ink cartridge' not ink at but filled with a black powder. Or was that for the roneo machine? I've put it all atthe back of my mind and forgotten lol
    Circular erasers that were supposed to rub the letter off the paper but usually ended up rubbing a hole instead - no white ink/out in those days!
    Oh long live the computer - delete delete delete - type again get it right this time!

  2. They tested me in high school and it was decided that I would never be able to work in an office. I will admit that I have become quite proficient at 'hunt and peck.'

  3. Ladies the struggle was very real. And omg yes cathy I remember those erasers. They were shocking.
    Sharon the hunt and peck. My husband types like that lol

  4. That was very progressive of your headmaster Angela.
    I too am a typist and, yes, I remember all the things you and Cathy mentioned.
    Putting carbon paper in and then finding it had creased when getting halfway down ... oh gosh!
    It's amazing, even today, to still be able to type while looking at the screen!! Good for us :D) !!

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