Friday, June 8, 2018

A happy find

I have lost 20 kilos cutting carbs out of my diet 
I’ve slowly added a little. But I really don’t want to eat lots as I kinda get addicted and 
Then I can’t stop 
So I’ve been on the look out for alternatives 
These noodles are made from yams 
So very little carbs, 
My daughter in laws sister is married to a Korean and knew exactly where to go to get them 
Tonight I tried them for the very first time 
I am happy to say they are very nice 
I couldn’t read the directions on the packet but once again Rebecca came through by finding a link to a blog 
The lovely blogger said she rinsed them thoroughly 
Then boiled them 
Then fried them in a dry pan to get rid of the excess liquid 
I tried a few straight from the pan and omg. They were good 
They didn’t have any taste really, so perfect for taking on the flavours of what ever your cooking 
And frying off the excess liquid made them feel like noodles 
So I added my meatballs in tomatoes an Italian spices and 
They were goooooood 
A Meal that I love without the carbs 
Doesn’t get any better than that 
So give them a go 
What have you got to lose!
Thanks so much Rebecca your a gem xxx
See ya xx

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