Friday, June 1, 2018

A present for me

The weather has turned very cold on this first day of winter. 
So my thoughts turned to sitting under a blanket and reading. 
I have kindle on my iPad. But I wanted to download many more books 
I decided as memory was getting low a separate kindle would be a great idea 
Plus they are so much smaller than the iPad and I can take it away with me to read on my trip 
So off I went and purchase this 
These new ones are supposed to last two weeks on one charge! 
A bonus as for a long time I won’t have access to power. 
Another issue for my iPad. I can charge while driving. But I won’t be in the car everyday 
This way everything can stay charged longer   I use the iPad and phone to take pics, so I can use my new kindle to read 
It’s on the charge now and soon I’ll hopefully get it all going and I can relax and start to read 
Anyone else got a kindle or something similar?  How do you like it?
See ya xxx

1 comment:

  1. What a nice present. I did have a kindle for a while, but prefer to get library books out. when I am away though I use the kindle app on my phone.

    It is getting cold and miserable here too. Keep warm and dry.