Sunday, January 19, 2020

Down the garden path

The recent rain we had has been lovely for my garden 
The roses need deadheading which I will endeavour to do over the next few days 

I don’t know the names off all my flowers as I will by from the bargain bin and they sometimes 
Don’t have tags. Plus if I’ve planted it a few years ago. I forget anyway. 
So these are my pretty yellow buttercup flowers although I have no idea what they are really called 

These are the same. They are a bulb that come up year after year. 
I call them my bulb roses lol 

I think these are dahlias
Can you see the bee. 
There were lots of bees buzzing around for which I am very grateful 
Someone once asked me why I had so many flowers when I could plant more vegetables 
Well. Flowers feed the bees which pollinate the veggies so you can’t have one without the flowers 
Besides. Flowers nourish the soul and that’s just as important I think 

And another bee sitting on the leaf 

And another 

There was one on this flower as well. But I think she was shy. She flew away lol 

I had to cut these gladioli 
They were laying down. 
How do you keep them from laying down. 
I’d much rather not cut them and leave them out for the bees. 

I hope you enjoyed a stroll down my garden path 
I’d love to see yours 
Enjoy the rest of the weekend 
See ya xxx

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