Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Experimenting in the kitchen

I had a craving for fish cakes 
But I didn’t want the potatoes or heaps of flour 
So I put my thinking cap on and came up with this recipe 
I bought some salmon 
I had cooked cauliflower and broccoli at home in the fridge 
Two eggs 
A handful of three mix cheese for pizzas 
Two tablespoons of gluten free flour
And extra shaved Parmesan cheese 

I mixed it all together 
Except the Parmesan cheese and rolled the mixture into patty’s 
Then rolled them in the Parmesan cheese and put them in the refrigerator until ready to cook 

Because they were basically already cooked, except for the two eggs, I only had to shallow fry them for a few minutes until golden brown 
And I served them straight away with a salad 
Hubby loved them and has asked to have them again 
So I’ll be able to look back on this post and recreate it 
I hope lol 

Going through my yarn stash I’ve found lots of small balls 
As I never throw anything away lol 
So I’m making a scrap yarn blanket 
Not sure for who or how big I’ll make it. 
But it’s slowly growing 

I’ve had a busy few days 
Life is plodding along 
The smoke has cleared for now 
And may places around the country are getting rain 
Hopefully those that need it get enough
Up north they have received too much and have had to deal with floods. 
But that’s Australia. A land of extremes 
But we are all used to it and we all chip in and help one another. 
It’s the Aussie way 
See ya xxx


  1. I love fish cakes but hubby doesn't.
    With smoked salmon they would be really nice!!
    I really hope those fires are put out. Glad you're smoke free

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