Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Finishing projects

Today  is very smokey 
Last week I had to come home from swimming because the smoke made it hard for me to breath
So I didn’t even try today 
Yesterday I bought an asthma puffer and had to use it 

So instead of leaving the house I decided to go hunting for something to use as binding 

And I scored. 
I found a jelly roll I bought in a bag like a a lucky dip 
It was all browns and burnt oranges 
Which I thought was perfect for an Aussie outback quilt  

I did the math
And made the binding 
I’ve stitched it on and the large quilt is ready for the hand stitching 

But while searching I found this quilt top I had finished 
I even had the binding cut I obviously was going to go and get the wadding and backing but never got round to it 

So I searched and found two pieces of cream material that I had used when making a 
Candle wicking quilt 
This quilt was made at least ten years ago as my daughter was still in high school when I made it 
See we do need to keep everything   We will eventually use it 
So I stitched the two pieces together to make a piece large enough for the back of the quilt 

I also used up all my odds and ends to make the last piece of wadding large enough for the quilt 
I have none left except for scraps now. 

Now I have two quilts to hand stitch 

I’ve started hand stitching the smaller quilt as it’s rather hot and 
I just couldn’t face sitting under the large one. 
So I’m watching cooking shows and stitching away 
I like hand stitching. So it’s not a chore 

My stitches are not as dainty as they used to be. 
The eye sight isn’t as good but  I think it passes 
Well what do you think?
I’ve now used up lots of my stash 
And made two quilts without forking out any extra money 
I’m pretty proud of myself 
I just hope I keep up the momentum lol 
See ya 


  1. So.now you are lining your empty nest eh? And beautifully too! Oh and getting rid of the bits! Well done!

  2. Looks great you are so good at everything you do

    1. Not really. But I have made a few Just don’t look too close lol thanks

  3. Great job Angela! Not a penny extra spent!

    You just reminded me that I have a quilt top somewhere out in my craft room. It is so old the material is retro lol! Ahem, think I had better finish it off.

    You also reminded me I need to buy more wadding when I go to Adelaide next, otherwise I wont be finishing any quilt! It is not something I can access easily, although I have a brand new quilted mattress protector I could use for quilting projects.

    Looking forward to seeing your finished quilts.


    1. I now need more wadding as well. It’s fun this going through the stash lol

  4. That is awesome - I am jealous of your talents!!!!

  5. Well done Angela! The quilts look great and its nice to sit and stitch away, your stitches look beautiful to me xx

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