Thursday, January 16, 2020

A clearer day

We had thunderstorms with  lots of wind and rain last night 
It was lovely here. The smoke got blown away and we got lots of needed water for our parched gardens 

So this morning I headed off to the pool to swim. It felt good to get back in the water. 

After coffee with the girls a spot of shopping I got home and made some keto peanut butter and chocolate balls. 
Only they aren’t balls so match as blobs lol but that’s ok I’m sure they will taste fine 
They are in the fridge getting hard 

Yesterday I cut up the Christmas material so I could make myself a Christmas runner for my dining table 

Here it is. 
I need wadding and something as backing so I will need to go to the 
Quilting shop 
What a shame lol 
I have left overs so I’ll make another one for a friend 
Might even make a couple smaller ones for a couple of friends. Who knows lol 

So another day has passed 
This year is going very quickly 
It will be Easter soon and then winter will be here 
Oh my 
But fir now. Enjoy the sunshine. 
I plan too 
See ya xx


  1. So glad you got rain! Yay!

    Love the table runner, it looks great.


  2. I hear of your fires with a heavy heart, and am horrified by the knowledge that it's still early in the season.

    1. Thank you. Unfortunately we are all too familiar with it al. Now we have floods in the north of the country. It’s scary out there