Tuesday, January 28, 2020


I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend 
The weather is has been lovely and we got some much needed rain 

I’ve been swimming and walking and slowly getting back into a routine 

I finished my table runner 
The quilting is stitch in the ditch. It’s not perfect 
The weight of the runner would pull and pull it off line so there are more than a few 
Wonky bits 

But I’m happy with it. Once I put on the Christmas decorations on it. You won’t notice it 

Here are a few,  much smaller, Pieces. I will pin them and quilt them and get them finished 
In the next few weeks. Then I’ll put them away for Christmas presents 
Nothing like getting a head start I say 

And I’ve stared on my stash of bendigo wool mills yarn 
These are fifty fifty wool and bamboo 
So they are nice and soft

So there is nothing exciting happening right now, just life 
Uncomplicated, boring comfortable life 
And I like that. 
See ya xxx


  1. My first quilt I did I did a stitch in ditch and few times I came up or down. But it got job done.

    1. I think the same. If your going to look that close and critique. I hope you can do better I say lol

  2. How nice to be able to quilt too. It looks mighty fine to me.
    That wool and bamboo mix sounds great. I always wanted to try something with bamboo in it. I might do a search online. I need some yarn to start a 'me' project.
    Good on you for getting back into your routine and swimming again

    1. I haven’t quilted for ages. So it’s nice to be able to get back into it.
      The bamboo is so soft. I use a bamboo cotton for dishcloths. They last ages