Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Sewing for a cause

A friend of mine has started a charity that helps children that need to leave their home for whatever reason 
Usually it’s a rushed thing and the kids leave with nothing more than the clothes on their backs 
This is where my lovely friend sally comes in 
Her charity pack backpacks with essentials and each child receives one full of things they need 

This is the link to their website 

You can also find them on Facebook

She tagged me to a sewing page for their charity and it says they need bags sewn for toiletries and some for stationary 

I’ve made stationary bags with what I have 
I’ll have to go searching tomorrow to see what other fabric I have that I can use 
I just need some cord to finish these off 

I’ll make a bundle and deliver them to her 

So if your kinda local 
And feel like this is something you can do 
Jump on board 
Unfortunately the need lots 

There are other things they need and if you check out the website it will tell you 

I hope you can help her and her band of helpers 
See ya xxx


  1. Sally is an angel. She does great work for these kids with the help of her awesome team of volunteers.

  2. That's such a worthwhile support for vulnerable young people. I'm sure the things you've made will be really appreciated. Meg:)