Sunday, June 28, 2020

New hope

At this time of year. Your getting pretty fed up with the cold and the short days 
It’s feels like it’s been forever since you were warm with the sun in your face 

But then a new life and you know the end is near 
This is the closest I could get to the baby lamb that little white bundle sleeping in the grass 

It was was born yesterday morning and has survived the first night the alpacas are close 
So hopefully the foxes will be kept out 

The garden is still providing here I have cut up Swedes and cooked them in the oven with 
Hubby enjoyed some for a quick lunch 

Greens from the garden. Rainbow chard, and kale mixed with eggs and some feta cheese 
Two tablespoons of coconut flour  and all mixed together and cooked in the oven. 
I had a piece for my lunch and it was really yummy 

Some broccolini and small beetroot’s leaf and all 
I’ll add a dressing of olive oil, white whine vinegar and some salt and pepper 
Great on its own or as a side 

I love being able to just go outside and go grocery shopping 
Fresh is best and it doesn’t get any fresher or easier 

Hang in there guys. 
Winter will soon pass and soon we will be complaining about the heat again 


  1. oooh to the lamb. How cute. I told our neighbour about your alpacas and told him he should get a pair. Vasos son. He is taking over the 'estate'. Very slowly while Vaso is still alive and well!
    Lovely vegetables. I wish we could get Swedes. Haven't tasted them in years.

    1. Hopefully I’ll get a better pic for you

  2. Ohhh a wee lamb. I didn't realize that you get foxes in Australia. Is that early?

    1. It is early and yes foxes were brought here by the English because they wanted to hunt them
      And now like the rabbit and cane toad we are stuck with them