Sunday, June 14, 2020


Remember this pic. 
Doesn’t look like much but I kept slogging at it and now it’s 

Local kiwi alien was correct 
It’s called sleepy head doll. 
It’s crocheted with single crochet stitches. 
It’s not a hard pattern but it’s fiddly 

My crochet guru suggested I watch a video of a slightly different technique of pulling the yarn through
And that will might my stitches even tighter 

The next one will hopefully be even better 
I’m going to make a few. The charity ive been making things for 
Also puts in a toy in the backpacks 
So they will be used. 
Otherwise I’ll save them for Christmas for under the charity Christmas trees in stores 

A few years ago I tried knitting a doll and ended up making a two year old! 
So I’m happy at least it’s the right size lol 

So that’s was my big surprise 
Not that exciting really 
But I’m chuffed 

Have a great day 
See ya xx


  1. Thank you for helping those who are less fortune

    1. Thank you. It is selfish really. I get a lot of enjoyment from crafting

  2. Angela, we understand and join you in the enjoyment and usefulness of creative pursuits - both to the creator and the receivers of the creativity. I read a book recently about women in data measurements which reports that women go largely unmeasured in GDP (the thing governments a likely to quote as their measure of success in promoting economy) because GDP only measures PAID work, and paid-for goods and services. Yet, countries would fail without the unpaid work of women like you and so many others (like bloggers whose creativity we follow, and volunteers in charity shops, and unpaid care-givers.... Collectively you make up a huge portion of the unmeasured productivity of your communities and your countries.

    1. It’s always the same. If I tell people I’m just a mum and housewife I’m considered non productive
      And not worth their time or energy it’s sad really

  3. That's delightful. i shall look up the pattern. Do you put a face on it. I make loads of dolls and they all turn out different sizes and shapes because I rarely have the correct wool or hook or I misread the pattern. Doesn't matter, kids live them.
    Good on you.

    1. I need black yarn for eyes
      I’ll have to buy some as my black yarn is packed away in the spare room somewhere lol