Sunday, June 14, 2020

An abundance of plants

Have been to my cousins house in coburg 
He asked me if I wanted any plants as he was thinning out some of his 
Well you know my moto. There’s always room for plants 
So off we went this morning and came home with the back of the ute full 

There were six date palms 
Four have gone here and two are in the paddock. Hopefully they grow nice and lush 

Hubby with his post hole digger. Makes planting so easy 

There were quite a few agaves so they have been planted around the center to hopefully 
Make a kind of boarder 

There was one really big one. So we planted that one in the middle where there
Was a big space 

So our garden is getting bigger 
But at least I won’t have much weeding to do lol 

It’s always lovely to get stuff for free 
Recycling at its best 
They have already made a huge difference to the look of the yard 
And the date palms have replaced dead trees so that was an instant face lift 
The rain is about to start again so they will be well watered in 

A very productive Sunday 
See ya xx 


  1. Date palms! That sounds so exotic. You'll have to get a camel for your menagerie now lol. I would love a date palm Hope they all grow well. So nice that you got them free too. Makes it even more exotic, well awesome. How big do the argaves grow? They remind me of something that grows down near the harbour and they are huge. May not be the same thing of course. People use the sap in the leaves to relieve aches and pains in joints. Rub it on.

    1. Not sure how big they grow. I know they do have lots of babies that you separate and replant.
      I don’t think I’d like a camel. They spit lol

  2. Sure different plants and what we grow here

  3. Date palms don't look like the kind of tress that cats can lurk in. They make the place look exotic tho, don't they. F says gardens should be full of plants that have other people's names on them - contributions from all over, like having family and friends around you all the time.

    1. What a lovely idea. Yes I have plenty of donation plants. With my place being as big as it is people will often think I might like it if they have spares
      No cats wouldn’t like these. They have spikes which is great as the rabbits won’t eat them. I hope!

  4. Free plants! That's wonderful that you could pick them up and put them in straight away. The date palms will look amazing when they grow. Meg:)

    1. And the rain came just as we put the last of the plants into the ground. Perfect