Sunday, June 21, 2020

Solstice blessings

Brightest solstice blessings to all 
Here in the Southern Hemisphere it’s our Yule and from now on 
Our days will start to lengthen 

Soon we will be planting out our spring crops.
For now the garden is doing really well. Harvesting lots of yummy food
To keep us healthy 

I thought I had lost the brown onions and the leeks. But they have come up 
It’s always a pleasant surprise when they do that 

Cabbages are coming along nicely and we still have broccoli about ready to harvest 

I planted some book choy today 
Never grown it before. So I hope they do well 

We also planted more natives. This lot have gone in the area between the house and the workshop 
They should add lots of colour for us to enjoy 

These little guys were having. A nice meal 
All our natives will help feed the local bird life when they grow 
And give me lots of birdwatching opportunities we well 

Right now we are all inside sitting by the fire watching television and relaxing 
With the weather right now. It’s the best place to be 
See ya xxx


  1. Are they galahs we see there?

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