Monday, June 29, 2020

Cladding Is done

Cladding is finished 
My nephew will do the little extra bits to finish it off neatly 
But the most part is done 
It’s come up even better than I expected 
Looks like a totally different house 

We will eventually put a stone look cladding on the chimney 
But for now it’s staying as is. It will remind us of what the house looked like before lol 

And Trixies new doggie door is in 
It’s a permanent one in a permanent window 

Now she’s really living here. It’s not a temporary thing lol 

Over the next week I will slowly clean up around outside 
And organise it all 

So now the hunt is on for a local plaster 
I’ll post on the local Facebook page 
But the light at the end of the tunnel is now visible 

See ya xxx


  1. On the second photo, the metal looking tank. What is it.

    1. Our hot water service
      We don’t have gas here. Only electric so we have a big one that heats up overnight when power is cheaper

  2. It is looking good. You must be very happy with the changes. Does Trixy use the door?