Friday, June 26, 2020

Happy birthday mathew

This little man is now 31 years old 
I truly have no idea where the time has gone 
I blinked and it was over 

So I made my first ever sponge cake 
A chocolate sponge with coffee icing for his big day 

I also made some cheese and garlic focaccia 
Because he loves cheese and garlic 

It’s sounds corny and all but he will truly always be that little boy in my eyes 
See ya xx


  1. Awwww. Happy Birthday - and it's your day too 31 years ago you were doing a lot of work. The sponge cake looks great for a first ever. how have you never made sponge before (in Aus) - it's a staple isn't it? It certainly is in the Shakey Isles next door.

  2. Good on you for the sponge. I tried once and it was rubber. Yours looks good enough to eat.
    And, yes, for the foccacia. Kronia polla Kai Kala to your 'little' boy.
    As Tigger says, good work, on that day and every one since

  3. Thanks ladies.
    I’ve never made it as it kinds scared me
    But I’m more confident now. Besides. If it flopped I would of just gone out and bought something lol