Saturday, July 18, 2020

Mulching day

Today we spent the day turning this 

Into this. 
I didn’t use my regular mulch. I usually got the eucalyptus mulch and it’s very fine. 
It’s much easier to shovel lol 
But it’s the same colour as Trixie and she plays in the garden and brings it all inside 

So I decided a mulch with bigger pieces wouldn’t stick as much and 
This red will at least stand out on her fur, hopefully, and I’ll be able to grab her and dust her off before she goes through the whole house 

Wish me luck! 

But I really like the effect 
I wonder how long it will last this bright 

So another job ticked off the list 
The day watered of sunny but the wind turned suddenly and it got dark 
We finished just in time

Hope your all well 
Stay safe 
See ya xxx


  1. Oh that Trixie, sweet little thing. Taht mulch is one helluva bright colour. What is it made from.

    Good luck indeed. Red carpets might just make a change lol

    1. It’s natural and it doesn’t stain was working in it and not one bit of red. Thanks goodness

  2. Linda said it first - that is such a bright red! Is it real or has it been dyed? It is certainly effective for marking the change.

    1. I think it’s natural. It doesn’t come off

  3. Love the color, it real stands out.

  4. How long indeed? It's too darn bad that mulch starts going downhill, looks-wise, as soon as it's applied.