Friday, July 24, 2020

Friday in the garden

New growth on the roses. Slowly coming to life 

The Camilla’s have not only survived but are starting to show signs of bursting into bloom  

Rapid growth of flowering plants, unfortunately also of weeds! 
The ground is just way too wet to do anything right now. So they will continue to grow for now 

The winter garden is still going strong with purple broccoli and cabbages! 

I’m not going to cook these broccoli as they lose their lovely colour. I’ll just break them up and eat them raw 
Home grown, organically they are the best you can get. 

Another week in lockdown has almost ended 
Masks are now mandatory 
Please everyone living here in victoria do the right thing and maybe we can all get out in time to enjoy the spring. 

Stay safe and well 
Where ever you are 
See ya xxx


  1. That camelia is going to look gorgeous soon. And I see you have some nasturtiums, my favourite.
    Your winter garden looks wonderful

    1. I’m hoping the nasturtiums take over and keep the weeds down
      Fingers crossed the spring growth is going to be abundant