Monday, July 27, 2020

Monday. Start of week three in lockdown #2

The weekend has come to an end and the new working week has started. 
Hubby painted the undercoat in my craft room over the weekend. 
But as he’s shoulders have issues. He needs a few days rest between each coat to 
Recover. So he spent the next day splitting wood for the ever hungry fire 

The weather has been cold,and miserable 
And even this morning I woke to rain. 
But now the sun has come out to say hello 
I might even venture out and walk later if he sticks around 

I’m using up all I have in the pantry 
Trying to delay the inevitable trip to the shops 
So I used these to make some granola bars 
I took the oats out in case I didn’t have enough left over breakfast cereal 

It was old and not as crunchy as it should be  so that’s why I thought I’d use it up
Rather than just throw it out but I had enough for the recipe 
So the oats go back in the pantry for later use 

This is it. Straight out of the oven 
The few fruit that were on top are slightly well done. But I’m sure it will taste just as good 

Dishcloths have been made for my kitchen and for the workshop kitchen 
Hubby asked for some as he says mine are much better than the bought ones
That’s nice to know 
Working on a baby blanket right now. But I’ll go back to dishcloths 
As I’ll need a few for the new van that’s coming in a few months 

Stay tuned 

Stay safe and well 
See ya 


  1. We love the kind of baking that uses up 'unsatisfactory' food. Mueslei biscuits are a stand-by in our household for whenever Mr B buys a new cereal and 'discovers' he doesn't like it. That craft room is really coming on. Green with envy.

  2. Those granola bars look good enough to eat! What a wondrous cupboard you have.
    A very satisfying few days by the sounds of it. It is is especially nice when your craft work is appreciated like that.

  3. Thanks ladies. The granola bars were all eaten and I had to make a second batch. This time I used the rolled oats and left over dried fruits