Thursday, July 16, 2020

Rolling along

I’m still here. Life is just rolling along 
There have been rumours of even stricter lockdown rules so of course people panicked 
Me. Well I hit the craft store and stocked up on the really important things lol 

Doing my iso cooking 
This pot of chow mein will feed hubby and myself for days. I might freeze some for later use 

My garlic and cheese focaccia 
I had a piece of this while it was still warm. 
I think it needs more garlic. But it was really yummy 


My wrist and hands are hurting from the tiny crochet stitches so I’ve swapped to knitting 
Dishcloths for now I got some cotton from the store today 

This is the pattern I use. It’s the first pattern I actually learnt to read and do all on my own 
So it has a special place in my heart. 

The craft room is coming along nicely. 
A post will coming along soon with the pics to show you all 
Other than that life is just plodding along
We are all healthy and happy, and that’s what matters 
Everything else is just window dressing I say 

Stay safe everyone 
See ya xx


  1. I am surprised that your lockdown let's you go craft shopping. Ours was essential groceries and pharmacy only. No takeaways or Bunnings and at strict lockdown no internet shopping either.

    I hope you are not stuck at home for too long.


  2. I'm always surprised (and impressed) by people remembering their first - - knitting pattern, record they bought, stuff like that. I'm totally hopeless on that score. I can only remember my first piece of needlework because I still have it (done in running stitch and chain stitch aged 4), but first piece of knitting or crochet; no chance. I do remember my grandmother teaching me to knit Peggy squares from corner to corner to make them square. We can't wait to see this craft room.

  3. Mmmm and more mmmm. Wouldn't mind some of that chow mein and garlic bread. Hope your lockdown doesn't last too long.
    We got our first English flights yesterday. Wonder if that will be a mistake

  4. Number here in United States are still going up. I am sure you knew that. Like pink yarn.
    Coffee is on