Friday, January 22, 2016


We have another day of rain. Our second this week. And it's a wonderful sound. Not too heavy. Just nice and steady so the ground is soaking it all in. 
The plants are loving it. I don't water this garden. It got roses in it that have been established for over ten years so they just survive in what ever the heavens provide. 
Even our paddocks are greening up. It was very very brown just over a week ago. 
So this second lot of water is very welcome. No matter how much you water fruit trees. They really come alive after a good soak of rain  
What's the weather doing in your part of the world?
See ya xxx


  1. Raining here too. Looking for worse tomorrow afternoon - the wintry stuff. Good that you are greening back up, lovely roses!

  2. What's it doing here - it's stopped raining! A little came down about 9am and since then - nothing. Not fair, my grass (what there is) is still brown!!