Sunday, January 10, 2016

Getting creative

How are we all going with those New Years resolutions. I don't make any but I did want to lose those extra kills I gained back over the last few months 
15 kilos! Wow I was shocked. I haven't  been eating too much crap but I have been drinking a bit of wine. 
I recently watched a show called "the sugar movie". And was it an eye opener
So I've gone back to no sugar. And now I'm even more aware of the hidden sugars I realise my healthy eating was actually not so healthy. 
So today I was craving those yummy potatoe chips. Can't have those as they are high in fat and carbohydrates which turns to sugar so I pulled out these three ingredients from the pantry 
And made these. The flat bread is really low in carbs and sugars and a quick spray with the olive oil spray and some Caribbean spices. I cooked these in the grill until they were crispy  
They work so good I only had a little bit and I'm satisfied.  
I used two pieces and I've only had half of one! So this afternoon I will make a quick home made salsa and maybe indulge in more. 
Anyway I started eating better on January 2nd. And I've dropped three kilos. So hopefully I won't take long to get back to what I was. 
See ya xx


  1. Good luck with your endeavor. Keeping weight off is a struggle. I have gained nearly 5# since last spring, it's not comfortable. Seems that - every time I even think about dieting or cutting certain foods - I gain more weight, thinking I am deprived. I know that's not good thinking, but for now, I am not going to mess around with it. (Until I need bigger clothes)

  2. It is so easy to put weight on, but so hard to take it off! I have lost 5 kilos on my raw food diet. I did break the diet a bit over Christmas and it is taking a big effort to pull the reins in again, but I am determined.

    I received a clean bill of health from the doctors so I am happy about that. This means that I can continue with the raw food without worrying whether I am getting enough nourishment.

    Good luck with your food management plan (sounds better than "diet"). Those tasty treats look yum!


  3. lol food management plan - it does sound less restrictive than diet :)
    Trying to reduce by 5 kilos - same five that I've been trying to send away for a couple of years now. They have really made them selves at home.
    Have given up gym membership, now walk and swim and feel I've put more effort into it than lifting weights.

  4. Congratulations! And that seems like both a healthy snack and yummy!