Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Cooking day

I had some vegetables that really needed to be used up in the refrigerator. So I bought a hag of chicken legs, as they are our favourites and in the slow cooker are mixed veggies, chicken, Moroccan spices and one can crushed tomatoes. 
The second half of the chicken legs in the packet were put in the oven with vegetables and the rest of the Moroccan spices. This will be dinner tonight, the slow cooker will be tomorrow and some will be frozen for later use. 
And in the smaller dish. I grated one sad carrot. The last zuccini and some cheese that really needed to be used up, about a dozen eggs salt pepper and a couple of tablespoons of self raising flour. 
This will be for lunch and when I want a snack.  
So about half an hour of prep work and one day cooking, using up all my vegetables I have many many healthy meals. The 2kilo bag of legs was $6.49.  And this will feed us for at least four meals. Not bad hey!  
So fugal healthy meals are happening here, who wants to come for dinner?
See ya 


  1. Might not be over for dinner but might copy your 'recipes'. I picked up a bag of legs in Safeway the other week and was surprised how big they were and how many were in the bag for the price.

  2. We used to buy those big bags of chicken hind quarters and package them up separately for freezer meals. Lots of things you can do with legs!

  3. I do. I do, I do!!!! Yesterday was my cooking day! So much food. Vegetables and meat in various forms and shapes! I hope they last and they are tasty because I only tasted half of them!! Sending you lots and lots of love from half the world away!!