Friday, January 8, 2016


I found these seedlings in Bunnings so I had to get them. I like okra but you just cannot get it here unless you go to a specialist shop and only then in cans 
More eggplants. These little fingers will hopefully produce quickly and ripen fast 
And adding to the orchard. This is a non astringent variety so we can pick and eat.again can't always but persimmon and when available are really expensive  
And here is my special chair with a creeper growing on it. Now should I leave it and just sit and enjoy or cut it back while I can? Thoughts please. 
Have a great weekend. It's almost here
See ya xx


  1. Mmm, fresh fried okra!
    What IS that creeper?

    1. I'm not sure what is called. But it has pretty purple flower with a very powerful scent. I'll post picks when it flowers xx

  2. I love all the new veggies -fruits!! Ohhhh leave the pretty creeper if it catches well, you will be sitting in a chair that looks made by fairies!

    1. So your saying leave it. Ok done. I'll post a pic when it's flowering to show you xx