Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Back into it

The rug in the loung was looking kinda sad. Vacuuming just wasn't enough
So outside on the sunny and hot day we went. Tools needed a clean area big enough to to work in, a bucket with soapy water. I just used my normal washing liquid from Aldi. A hose 
And a broom. I found the back of the broom worked better  then wet soap and scrub. 
Also needed. Bear feet!
Then this next bit you need help. So I rang the workshop and whoever answers wins. This time it was Dale lol put onto clothes horse. A large one. And rinse. Then rinse and keep rinsing until it runs clear. I'll leave it out there until the sun goes down then move it under cover. It's going to be warm the next few days so it won't take long to dry. 
Now to vacuums the house and clean the shower   Never ending really. Oh well. It adds to my steps. 
See ya xxx


  1. That's a lot of work! You just got back from your trip, holy cow.

    1. Well one job led to another. You know. Wash rug have hose on so water all plants. Move furniture to remove rug so vacuumed before putting back. Have shower because your hot and sweaty so might as well clean it while your there lol that's how I roll