Monday, January 18, 2016

Day four. Going home

But first we went to Tahune air walk in the Tasmanian wilderness. 
It was really high up. And they moved so if you don't like hights might not be your thing
But I got great shots of the Huon river which is really low. Tassie is in drought. And it's the driest I've ever seen it and I've been there three times now. It was always so green. 
So after that lovely walk we headed back into Hobart and onto the airport where we had lunch and flew home. 
Baby girl and hubby picked us up and now I'm home tired and happy. 
So that was my birthday present from hubby. I had a ball. I hope you liked coming with us via cyber space. 
So back to reality. The washing machine is going with the second load. Animals have all been feed and watered and hubby is outside doing the gardens. It's going to be hot the next few days. So stay cool everyone and stay safe lots of fires in both tassie and Victoria 
See ya xxx


  1. Wow, awesome trip! The Tahune air walk would be scary to me, but I would brave it anyway. Your husband is something special, what a wonderful gift!
    Thanks for the ride!

    1. Thank you for coming alone. Yes he is special. But we won't tell him as he will get a big head lol