Sunday, January 3, 2016

An eventful day

Today is my 49th birthday. Didn't really want to make a fuss. Hubby has organised a four day mini holiday in a few weeks and he is flying my to Tasmania.  
That was exciting enough. 
Then I decided to make some lunch so I turned on our tap. And I got a dribble of water. 
Hubby went out to check and yup the water people were up the road fixing a burst water pipe. 
Great. Water was back on about twenty minutes later and then everything got very hectic
Our fire app warned us that there was a fire in the next street, the same place there was a fire last week, and only a little way past where the pipe had to be fixed 
Today the weather was very windy and the grass fire soon took off 
It took 23 fire trucks and helicopter water bombs to put it out. But not before it threatened houses and neighbours were evacuating people's racing dogs and horses   
We even got an offical get ready to evacuate the home warning. 
Scary stuff. But our wonderful fire fighters got it all under control and peace has been restored to our little piece of paradise. 
So now I'm relaxing and watching Indiana jones and feeling very lucky and blessed. 
Won't forget this birthday for a while 
See ya 


  1. Happy Birthday Angela - we wish you a happy and healthy year ahead. Glad to hear that you are safe from fires.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  2. Happy birthday darling!! Fires close to your home can be scary things. Once the fire reached the jasmine shrub of our next door neighbor right next to were our boiler full of oil (I am not sure this is the correct term) was. I will never forget that day.

  3. Good that they got the water repaired before you really needed it! I imagine the whole thing with the fire had your heart working over-time. No, doubtful you will forget this birthday.
    Happy Birthday, Angela. I'm sure you don't need any more excitement today ...

  4. A very eventful birthday, Angela! Happy belated birthday and that mini break in Tassie sounds wonderful!!