Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Getting motivated

Yes folks I'm getting motivated to lose the extra kilos I gained Pryor too and during the Christmas period 
Yes I was not well, and I had crashed. But that's no excuse. Not now anyway
Hubby bought me a Fitbit for Christmas and I've slowly been building up the number of steps I'm taking each week 
Today I walked the block. Haven't done that in a few years I can tell you. It was 3.23 kilometres and it took me just over thirty minutes. And one street has a steep hill!
We have been swimming but with the Christmas new year period we had missed many mornings so hopefully we will get back into the swing of that as well 
I've been watching what I eat for a while now and I do feel my clothes getting lose again. 
Won't bother with the scales as I'm in this for the health not the skinny. Too old to worry about that. 
Just want to lose the excess weight, manly around my middle and hopefully get back on track to being happy and healthy. 
Got the happy down, working on th health. 
How did You all go during the Christmas eating festival? Not too bad I hope. 
See ya xx


  1. Good on you Angela. I remember the Life be in it tshirts from the 1970s, our aunty bought us all one when she visited from Melbourne in 1978.

  2. Good for you to work on a healthier you! I will admit - I haven't gotten on the scale yet. I know I have gained - my clothes are getting snug. Too many goodies ...

  3. Good on you Angela! Those fitbits are a great idea.