Saturday, June 29, 2013


Hubby gets bored easily and especially now the he has no license. So he decided he would light the bonfire and do some cleaning up. He used his baby chainsaw to cut the lower branches on our native trees so its easier to mow around them, and added the cuttings to our already substantial fire.

The fire is burning hot and will need to be tended for a while. Looks like he will spend most of tonight outside. Oh well at least he will be warm. Me I'm inside cooking roast chicken and my sister in law and her two girls are coming over to have some tea with us.
Gotta love that!
See ya


  1. Roast chook on a cold winters evening sounds perfect. I might have to do that for dinner tomorrow night.

    Keep warm and toasty.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  2. One of my favourite things - a bonfire! Ye HA!

    Love Leanne

  3. My much more contained fire is blazing today. It is winter make no bones about it. If Ruby and Trev think so, then it is. Rain too. I also have a chicken in the fridge- tea for tomorrow night me thinks xx