Friday, January 17, 2014

Keeping my cool

The weather here has been hot, crazy hot. So I've been inside with the air conditioner on and in the afternoon when it's the hottest even a fan on me!
Across the road My poor neighbour who runs the rescue and pet ambulance has been working round the clock helping people with their pets. Because its so hot she cannot take the puppies in the car. Even with the air con on they just overheated in the carry case. So they have been coming over here and staying cool with me.  They'd re very cute and I have been keeping their fluids up. They go home every night around nine and coming back in the morning. 
They are dating sleeping pooping machines but have been very nice company for me.
One is not well, she aspirated some milk the other day and it's turned into pneumonia. She was at the vets today getting a shot of penicillin and some IV fluids. She is hanging in there but it's still touch and go. Please send positive energy for her, she really is a sick little girl. 
But if cuddles help she's getting lots of those.
The cool change is apparently coming so I'm looking forward to that.
Have a great weekend everyone and I'll keep you updated on the puppy. 
See ya.

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  1. 7.30pm Lilydale area - Definitely cooler outside here now. Might be able to sleep tonight :)