Tuesday, January 28, 2014


For those that have never been in a chemo ward this is it. The room goes all the way round and the patients sit in those blue chairs for their treatment. Leanne got a bed today and you can just see her in the bottom of the pic, she was fast asleep as she had just her phenergan. She needs it as she had a reaction to this chemo so now they give it to her first before the treatment.
the chemo always gets covered in a black bag, so everyone knows its the chemo and very toxic. If it leaks it gets treated like a toxic spill. One time the person next to us has a leak and we had to be removed from the area while it was cleaned up. Kinda scary really 
all around the nurses station there are beautiful sayings painted on the wall. This is the one near us.
So now you know, it's not a scary place, it's really rather nice. And the nurses are wonderful overwork and underpaid people who really care.
Its just that we just don't like being there and we hope and pray that one day she will be ok and we won't have to go back.
See ya 


  1. I was only thinking about your friend Leanne the other day - you hadn't mentioned her for a while so I wondered how she was.

  2. it's sad to know that all those chairs and beds have to be used. Cancer is such a common thing nowadays isn't it? I hope she beats it. Send her healing wishes from me.

  3. You are an amazing friend going through this with Leanne. I sure think nursers are a wonderful breed of people! ((HUGS))

  4. I hadn't heard you mention Leanne in a while, I was afraid to ask. No, it doesn't look as scary as one would think. Sending good wishes.