Tuesday, January 21, 2014

If its not broken

For years people have laughed at me and called me a tightarse because I don't like to spend unnecessary money if I don't have too.  take this little jar, I bought this jar when I did my first shop as a married woman just moving into the marital home,which we are still in today!  
I got it so I can put my sugar in, I know those pretty canisters that sit on the bench would be nice but they were a lot of money that I just didn't have and this has served me for over 25 years.
but on the weekend I found some that I really loved, and since I have no children at home anymore and we are not as poor as we used to be I lashed out and bought them. Having said that I did get them from crazy clints so they were not very expensive. I think about $7.00 dollars each. 
This was our clock radio that we got as a wedding present. Not very attractive but it did the job. The. Buttons on it were no longer working so as we had our power turned off today for workmen to do maintenance on the power poles I knew it would be almost impossible to reset the time. The last time I had to use a couple of pens and it only just worked.
so today I lashed out and spent $25.00 on this. I only wanted a clock radio and one that was easy to set and read.
I wonder if these replacements will do as well as the previous ones. 25 and a half years now that's got to be a record don't you think?
What about you what do you have that you just never got around to replacing because it just keep on doing the job?
See ya 


  1. Oh, Angela, I love your pretty glass jar, I hope it still has a place in your kitchen. I would hang onto that old radio and see if someone can repair it... It seems like most everything is made to be disposable these days. We have moved so many times, so often things were replaced simply because we couldn't find for a long time. I will say, I still hang on to my old nylon spoons that are about 40 some odd years old now. They just don't make them like they used to.

  2. My mum saved her money and bought me a microwave for my twenty first. It was big and brown, super heavy and ugly. I used it for 19 years, til one day it caught on fire while cooking something, so then I could throw it out.

    Love your little jar, hope you hang on to it.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  3. Hi guys thanks for the comments. Yes I'm hanging on to the jar. It now has lollie in it. I'm sorry your microwave blew up that could of been by scary. Repairing the old clock wasn't really and option as they charge so much and I got the new one for so cheap. Not worth it really. Besides it really had dated and the one one looks much nicer

  4. Oh yes! I'm still using a glass and holder from a set of 6 with a tray and coasters my Dad bought me over 40yrs ago!
    Guess they are not made to last anymore?