Saturday, January 25, 2014

A lazy Saturday

The weather today is cooler thank goodness, and it feel like rain so I've hung my washing under the back veranda.
my shawl is going well but it's taking so long now as there as so many stitches that I wanted to make something that I will finish quickly. So Ive adapted the pattern and I'm making this cowl for a present. 
I can say for who because she may read this. Not very likely but you know the one time she gets on and all that.
I've quickly done a few clean up jobs and now I'm just sitting quietly while hubby has a sleep in. He works so hard, keeps forgetting he isn't 20 any more. I'm thinking I'll make him some French toast for his brekkie. What do you all think.
See ya


  1. still Friday night here in Canada. The wind is howling and it is bitter cold. Would love to see some rain to get rid of all the snow!!

    Enjoy your weekend. Your dh sounds like mine......

  2. French toast... Oh, how I wish! That sounds so good... sigh...

  3. Well the sun came out and it was quite pleasant - going chillier now so I might be looking for something warmer to put on. No rain over our way - the washing dried nicely on the outside line.
    Take care