Sunday, January 26, 2014

Happy birthday Australia

Today the first convict ships arrived and a new nation was born.
I know Australia already had people living here, but putting all politics aside this is when Australia as we know it was born.
Since that first fleet many people have come here to make this great country their home.
My parents came here while very young to make a life for themselves and one day for their children and I'm very glad they did.
There is no other country like ours. 
Happy australia day everyone, let's all put our differences aside and enjoy this beautiful day


  1. Happy Australia Day hope you have a good one.......

  2. Happy Australia day! I hope you will get to celebrate and have a lot of fun today!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Happy Australia Day!! It's great to be an Aussie...

  4. And we here in Melbourne have a lovely day for it as well - We are one We are many Happy Australia Day Angela!
    Take care

  5. One of the American states--Georgia--was settled by convicts from England. Maybe those early guys--both here and where you are--did okay for themselves. Surely, it beat an English prison anyway.