Monday, January 27, 2014


Yesterday we all were off to see grease the musical. It wasn't too bad. For my taste is was too much like the movie. The guy playing the lead even tried to sound like John travolta.
My friends didn't like it because it wasnt like the movie so there you go. It annoyed them that the songs were all out of order. Lol
It's the little things that count I think and one thing that acually grated on my neves was a sign that advertised a '57 Chevy on stage. What's the big deal I hear, well the show is set in 1955. 
Ok a little Picky I guess but it really got my goat. A huge sign saying class of '55 and next to it the '57 Chevy sign.
Anyway once you got past that it wasn't too bad, the cast looked like it was having fun and they were hound and vibrant. Burt Newton was good as the DJ. It I think he is getting a little past it. I was worried the whole time he was going to have a nasty fall.
If you love grease you will like it, but if your not really into the movie or songs I'd give it a miss.
See ya


  1. Think I would pass... I suppose it was good for an amusement. Kind of sad they goofed about the car.

  2. Hello Angela
    As you say - can't please everyone all the time - I would have gone for the music and colour. We thought about gettng tickets a while ago but decided we'd do more 'cheaper' outings this year.
    Take care

  3. that is the one movie I saw numerous times at the movie theatre when I was a teenager. Never ever thin enough to wear those spray on leggings that Sandy wears at the end, always wanted to be though. I would have gone for the music rather than the story. Still have the album..........

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