Friday, January 24, 2014

Rainy day project

Today we got some much needed rain. So the quilting bug hit me.i think I like the sound of rain and sewing machine lol
So I got my two packets of charm squares and hit the Internet for a pattern.
The disappearing nine square was the winner.
so I started joining them up into threes
then into nine 
Can you see miss Bella's  tail in the shot. She has to be involved in everything. 
then I cut the whole block in half lengthwise and. Width wise. 
Rearranged the smaller blocks
And viola! The disappearing nine block. 
Really easy. Only problem I only had enough to make seven blocks, so I'm going to have to go and get some more fabric. I know terrible isn't it.
so all blocks are now in this new craft box I purchased yesterday. I really didn't need another one but I live owls. 
Oh well I've been a good girl and using my stash so I'm allowed hahaha
and of course here is the site manager, making sure I pick up my mess. She had just been told off for getting up near the iron. Was not a happy camper 
Have a great long weekend everyone in Australia and if your in the colder parts of the world stay warm 
See ya


  1. You are so creative! I love the blocks. And Bella is so cute, I see you got the snow I sent. Sorry it melted on the way there. :)

  2. nice but will it make quilt size ?

  3. Very pretty quilt pattern! Loving the sewing box... I like owls too. Bella has become the queen now, hasn't she?

  4. disappearing 4 patch does look fun to make!