Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Today it was hot, and tomorrow it's going to be hotter! Over 40deg cel. 
I don't do heat. I just might have to catch a plane to America and enjoy their artic vortex. 
Now that's more my style. With my hot flushes I could melt the polar caps my self. Believe me they are not fuming this weather. I've drunk enough water that I could drown in it, the air conditioner is on but I've also go the fan going straight on me. 
I had a cold bath but I've since warmed up again.
I won't be a happy camper after a few days of this. 
So if I don't say much in the next few days you will know I'm either grumpy, or I've died from the heat!


  1. I have to agree with you about the hot flushes, it is awful in this weather! Not even getting a good nights sleep because it is so hot. It is already 38C and it is only 7.30am! So sick of sweating...

    Take care,


  2. Yes it's Hot Hot Hot - we did moan about no summer early on so really must remember to think about what we wish for. Today I'm making do with the fans but no doubt will have the cooling on later and yes wouldn't it be nice to see some snow - maybe for five minutes but no longer
    Take care

  3. No more hot flashes here - could use one every now and then with this cold weather though.