Saturday, November 7, 2015

General maintenance and something for fun

The fly screens have small holes that bella made into big ones. So new mesh was purchased and hubby is busy installing them
A new seat is needed the old one had a crack in it and it's getting harder to clean. 
And these were an impulse buy. Only $20.00. No wires solar so I could do it all myself 
Here they are assembled and charging in the sun. They change colours so I'm sure they will look nice while we are out enjoying the dusk. 
Now all we need is nice weather so we can open our windows and enjoy the lights 
What are you up to today
See ya xx


  1. I'm reading.
    Changing out the screens - not an easy job! Thank him with kisses.
    Cracks in the seat pinch.
    Love those solar lights!
    Lovely roses and weather.

  2. All those maintenance jobs make such a difference. Love your path lights!