Sunday, November 15, 2015

That's it for now, maybe?

The final wall was pulled out and the area cleaned up. Notice the water tank in this shot 
The new fence was built
The water tank was moved, will be relocated to the shed to provide water for the stock
And the gap left for the eventual building of the fire place. 
The finishing touches hopefully will go on today and then the rest of the back fence replaced. 
And for now I think that's as far as the funds will stretch. Christmas is coming and as hubby will be out of action for at lest six weeks after his hernia operation we will take a break and continue next year. We are just using money we have saved for all this. 
So I'll use the old garden furniture I still have and set it up for Christmas lunch. And hopefully during the year we will slowly finish it off and be able to buy some new tables and chairs. 
But for now I'm a very happy girl. We have accomplished lots and from where our yard was to now is a huge change. 
See ya xx


  1. You did a beautiful job. It will be really nice to have family gatherings there. Just a thought. Cob pizza oven would be great in the fireplace. :) LOL Hope you don't tell hubby it was my ideal. But you can blame me if ya want.

    1. I thought about it. But decided just a normal fire place. We just don't eat enough pizzas to justify it. We have a pizza stone for the BBQ and we have never used it

  2. Such a lot has been achieved Angela; you must all be very proud! It looks a perfect setting for a family Christmas and heaps of other get togethers in the future :-)