Monday, November 9, 2015

My new chair

Got this at Aldi today. At less than half price than those at the outdoor furniture shops. I've always wanted one but they were so expensive and I really had nowhere to put it 
The instructions came on a leaflet instead of just a sheet. We were a bit worried but hubby did it 
Ta da. Isn't it cute. This will go out the back under the new area when it's done. I love it and it's so comfy 
Very happy I am 
See ya xx


  1. Awe, that is adorable.So happy for you. Amazing what aldi's has to offer now. I have not been to one in a long time.

  2. I love it. You will really enjoy it. I really want one too for my living room (it has outdoor furniture) but I can't afford it yet. One day soon I hope! Lots of love!

  3. Nice! You have a new place to sit and enjoy your space!

  4. Great buy Angela! I bought some striped box cushions from Aldi a month or so ago and they brighten up our outdoor chairs for a very reasonable cost...good old Aldi!

  5. Now that looks comfy, and I LOVE the blue colour :)

    I cant wait until we get ALDI here in South Australia. They are building some now and they should be open in the new year.