Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Taking shape

Putting the sheets of corrugated iron on today. My sewing room is so much cooler now 
Half done. It's a huge job 
All done. Just the flashing to be put on. But now it's got  a roof it looks even bigger oh my! 
The builder told me to plant lots of roses to hid this side of the fence. But I had other ideas. Remember my screens I got. 
Ta da! We need to add more mulch so it will hid the bottom. And I'll plant one more rose in that big gap. Can never have too many roses I say. I love the way it looks. 
Well what do you think? Only one more wide to do. And that's where the fireplace is going to get built. So next job. The concrete slab for th fireplace then the brickie can come and do his bit. And then the final fence. 
Then I get to pretty it up lol 
I'm very happy. 
See ya xxx